Born in Montreal, Canada, Kevin Jamey (A.K.A. Groj) is an electronic music artist and disc jockey. He was noted “one of Canada’s most underrated electronic musicians” by EXCLAIM! and Noisey magazines in 2014. Both strikingly blunt and heartwarming, his music binds together dancing with emotion and intellect.

>>Interview with Traum Schallplatten<<

Since 2009, he has released over one-hundred tracks ranging from the lively pastoral electronica of “Motte EP” on Traum Schallplatten's sub-label Zaubernuss, to the cosmic krauty offshoots of his second album "Playmorium" and the more progressive grooves of his recent "Gala EP" - which caught the attention of top international DJs and was ranked #4 on Hernan Cattaneo's July 2015 Chart.

He has had the chance to play alongside monoliths Jeff Mills, Popof, Rodhad, Max Cooper, Extrawelt, Dominik Eulberg, Rone, Tin Man and Fairmont. His analog live-set was featured in Gottwood Festival in Wales, UK, as well as reputed electronic music festivals in his hometown namely MUTEK, Piknik Electronik, Igloofest,La Bacchanale, and most recently at the Satosphere Dome of the iconic SAT at the turn of 2016. His music has appeared in the DJ sets of Hernan Cattaneo, Nick Warren, Henry Saiz, Sasha, Maceo Plex, Gabriel Ananda, Guy J and My Favorite Robot.

With a family heritage of photographers, sculptors and painters, it came as no surprise that Kevin would have a very artistic upbringing. Music, creating and unrolling-cassette-tapes-all-around-the-house was always permitted and encouraged since birth. Kevin started learning piano and music theory the age of six. As he grew older, he also explored several different mediums namely drums, voice, didgeridoo and bass guitar until he acquired his first drum machine at the age of fourteen. His interest for electronic music was sparked one night by a dusty old Yamaha DX7 he found stored in the back of the family garage…

With his bright and curious mind, he quickly became attracted to the academic study of music and graduated with a fine arts degree in Electroacoustic Studies. He is currently a Master’s student and researcher on music and brain development in children at the International Laboratory from Brain Music and Sound Research (BRAMS) in Montreal.

Kevin has traveled a great deal throughout his life. He grew up at the foot of the High-Alps, in his early teens he explored the tropical forests and deserts of the Australian outback in a four-wheel drive. As a young man, he biked down the Donau River from Donaueschingen to the Black Sea, leading him to develop an intimate bond with the land. This connection with nature and the theme of home and travel is often reflected throughout his music.

On the whole, his musical career has evolved from off-beat experimental contemplations to a more on-beat polished contemporary approach. This shift is made clear in his upcoming "Love You Do EP", which was created with dedication over three painstaking years of production. It also spawn from collaborative sound experimentation with guitarists, cellists and saxophonists across the globe and involved complex and novel recording installations in unique acoustic spaces. It features some of his own poetic vocals, placing him as a strong candidate for rising talents in singer-songwriter techno. The “Love You Do EP” hits the shelves May 2nd 2016 on Traum Schallplatten.



chateau de boulogne, france (live analog)
@paradox festival

berlin (live analog)

montreal (dj set)
@stereo afterhours

montreal (dj set)
@mural x boombox

montreal (live analog)
@casa del poppolo

quebec city (live analog)
@le cercle

new york (dj set)
@IDIO gallery

montreal (dj set)

montreal (live analog)
@sat dome

montreal (dj set)
@theatre fairmont

montreal (live analog)
@sat dome

montreal (dj set)
09-jan-2015 @la bacchanale

montreal (dj set)
31-dec-2014 @omisoka

montreal (dj set)

montreal (live)
12-sept-2014 @la bacchanale

montreal (live)
16-aug-2014 @sat w/POPOF

montreal (dj)
14-aug-2014 @salon daome

montreal (live)
31-jul-2014 @meg festival

montreal (dj)
10-jul-2014 @village ephemere

berlin (live)
06-jul-2014 @sisyphos

cologne (live)
05-jul-2014 @bergwacht

brest (live)
26-jul-2013 @astropolis

montreal (live)
26-jan-2013 @igloofest

montreal (live)
19-aug-2012 @piknic electronik

wales (live)
22-jun-2012 @gottwood

montreal (live)
03-jun-2011 @mutek